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Des livres à Paris

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It’s been a bit quiet around here, basically because last weekend we were busy organising my boyfriend’s birthday party, and this weekend we went to Paris for our fourth anniversary (the benefits of living just a three-hour train ride away). Yay! It was awesome. The weather was freezing but beautifully sunny, we had an amazing dinner, and of course there were books involved!

Here’s some proof:

Along the Seine, booksellers sell these second-hand beauties…

… of which, of course, I had to adopt one!

I must admit that one of the discoveries I made in Paris this time was the extent to which one’s French is capable of disappearing when one hasn’t used it in five years or so. But perhaps there is hope of getting it back with a little help from my friend Émile Zola?

And, as a freebie, just another pretty picture of Paris:


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One thought on “Des livres à Paris

  1. That Book Store close to Notre Dame rules 🙂

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