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I don’t have time for a proper post this week because it’s being really hectic and busy.  So I’m leaving you with these three eyecandies that I bought at the Tate Modern bookshop in London last November. I really like it when books aren’t just a good read, but look great as well. This is what’s been keeping me from buying an e-reader so far. I just love holding a physical book in my hands.

How do you feel about e-readers vs. ‘real’ books?

All three of these beauties are part of Penguin’s “Great Ideas” series, which is now into its fifth installment. All of them look great, and each series has its own colour pattern. Mine are from three different series.

One by one, they’re keeping me company on my bedside table, and I read a couple of pages most nights.

Three pretty little books…

William Hazlitt: On the Pleasure of Hating (from Series 1).

Giacomo Leopardi: Dialogue between Fashion and Death (from Series 5).

… and finally, my favourite in terms of prettiness – George Orwell: Books vs. Cigarettes (from Series 3).

I especially recommend the essay “Books vs. Cigarettes” by George Orwell, from where #3 takes its name. It’s great and still very much up to date.


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