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Bookish Birthday

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Last week was my birthday. And because I have awesome friends, I got awesome presents. It seems that word somehow got out I’m into books, so they gave me the best bookish birthday gifts ever, and I just had to share them on here. If you have a book fiend in your life and you’re stuck for a present, I promise the below picture will do away with that problem.

Here is the whole assortment (clockwise beginning with the mysterious green item on the left):

Book light. This little green dude will allow me indulge in one of my favourite pastimes – reading in bed – if I’m ever in a hotel again where the light switch is so far away from my bed I’d have to get up again to turn it off. Of course you just know I’d hit my toe on some piece of furniture in the dark on the way back to bed and be wide awake again. Trust me, one needs one of those.

Mister Aufziehvogel (The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle) by Haruki Murakami. I’ve always wanted to read a book by Murakami. The time of excuses is over.

50 books to read before you die bookmark. Never forget your reading list again. It’s also kind of fun to spot which one’s you’ve already read.

9/11: Kein Tag, der die Welt veränderte (9/11: Not a day that changed the world), edited by a wonderful and book-knowledgable friend of mine. The interesting argument, which I’ve also read elsewhere in the past days, is that 9/11 did not actually change the world, but rather accelerate developments that were already on-going. I actually have to say that 11 September 2001 changed my own world big time. It was the day I arrived at the United World College of the Atlantic and if I hadn’t gone there, my life would have taken quite a different route.

What does this Character Mean? Chinese Characters for Beginners by Lo Chiung-yu. Perfect for the language geek! The pleasant and potentially humourous side effect is that I will be able to understand people’s Chinese tatoos from now on.

Gebrauchsanweisung für Hamburg by Stefan Beuse. A “user’s manual” for the northern German city of Hamburg, which I hope to get to know soon.

Amazing! Thanks to all my wonderful friends for those fabulous bookish presents – and also for the not-so-bookish ones!


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