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Advent with Austen Excitement


I just bought “Sense and Sensibility” for the Advent with Austen readalong!

Much excitement! Although I’m crazy busy at the moment what with the new job, the dissertation, and life in general, I can’t wait to start. Also there is maybe an element of escapism from Yo el Supremo (again). I just can’t seem to warm up to the guy.


Author: bettinathenomad

Nomad. International Relations geek. Reader. Feminist. Swimmer. Boulderer. Runner. Hiker. Not necessarily in that order.

3 thoughts on “Advent with Austen Excitement

  1. I’m so pleased that you’re excited about joining in AWA!

  2. My copy is also waiting in the TBR. I’ll me my second time around with S&S and I’m looking forward to see what I’ll think of it now, 10 years after.

  3. Mine is still at the post office, I’ll pick it up on Saturday! 🙂
    I hope I can actually keep up with the readalong despite job, diss, etc.

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