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Sense & Sensibility Readalong II (Ch. 10-22)


If last week’s post was a cop-out, this is the Mother of All Cop-Out Posts. While I’ve made good progress on Sense and Sensibility and am quite far ahead of schedule at the moment, I’ve not made such good progress on my dissertation this week and need to do some catching up RIGHT NOW. So I’ll just leave you with a couple of disconnected thoughts on these chapters:

  • Last week, I wasn’t such a fan of character development. This has definitely changed: the characters have become a lot more lively, although Austen manages to keep up the mystery surrounding all the important male characters (Edward, Colonel Brandon and Willoughby). This is great, it keeps you interested in the story! What’s gonna happen next?
  • Marianne is definitely annoying now. What a self-centred, childish, puberty-ridden teenager!
  • And Lucy Steele? Don’t even get me started. What a little b****.
  • Elinor is still extremely sensible, but more likeably so than in the first nine chapters. She seems less dried up and has more of a personality – I feel like what Austen is starting to do in these chapters is to guide the reader more as for whom they ‘should’ like.

Voilà. Back to the thesis.


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3 thoughts on “Sense & Sensibility Readalong II (Ch. 10-22)

  1. Yes! Last week I thought that Marianne wasn’t *that* annoying, but clearly being in love does not work in her favor 😛

    Interesting point about Austen guiding us – that definitely happens with Willoughby and Brandon!

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