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YAY, YAY, and YAY!


This, people, is how we’re feeling today:

I handed in my PhD thesis this week and it has arrived safely at the University, which means that I’ve officially submitted. The defence isn’t until the end of April, but this is what I’m doing tonight in celebration:

The picture is from an awesome Etsy shop called jennasuedesign. Click on the picture to go there.

Because, you know, YAY! Oh, and did I mention YAY! and YAY!?


Author: bettinathenomad

Nomad. International Relations geek. Reader. Feminist. Swimmer. Boulderer. Runner. Hiker. Not necessarily in that order.

8 thoughts on “YAY, YAY, and YAY!

  1. Congrats, Bettina! Enjoy yourself!!!

  2. Huge congratulations! Enjoy your celebration 😀

  3. Thank you! 😀 It’s such a strange feeling to let go of three and a half years of work.

  4. Congratulations! That must feel so awesome.

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  6. *celebrates with you* Congratulations!

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