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The Call of the Kindle, part deux


Since I’m kind of having a self-centred weekend, here’s the second post in two days that’s all about… ME. Sorry, I’ll be back to books “properly” soon! You know how close I’ve been for a while to succumbing to the Call of the Kindle. Well, the day before yesterday I actually ordered it! It’s my reward for submitting my PhD.

I also bought this cover to go with it:

It’s from RogueTheory on Etsy. I love the bright orange and the dragonflies! Plus, by buying a handmade case I somehow feel less guilty about buying Kindle from Evil Amazon. I’m all about deluding myself, it seems.

Of course, just as I’d ordered it, I became aware of a problem that I hadn’t even remotely considered might exist (OK, stupid me for not having done enough research, I suppose): apparently, if my Kindle is registered to the German Kindle store, I can’t buy e-books from any of the other Amazon stores, like .com,, or .es. Are you f’ing shitting me?! I’m going to have to see how this one plays out, but I suspect it may be a reason for me to continue buying copious amounts of printed books especially when I’m in Spain.

Also, I’ve already started buying my physical books only from independent bookshops rather than big chains.Last week I paid a visit to the Dussmann KulturKaufhaus in Berlin to buy some Spanish books. I have to confess here that Dussmann is part of the Dussmann Group, a medium-sized service provider. Maybe this is stretching the concept of “independent” bookshop a little; what do you think? At least, it’s not a huge global chain though, and their bookshop (they also have a huge DVD and music section) in Berlin is the most awesome thing EVER. Four floors of bookish goodness, with a huge English and a decent-sized Spanish section – compared to other bookshops – to boot. If you’re going to Berlin, I recommend you pay them a visit at Friedrichstraße.

I also recently discovered a great bookshop in Hamburg. Stories! has two branches, one in Eppendorf and one in the centre (the one I went to). They have a wide selection of books with a well-nourished English section, and I loved the layout of their shop. They also hold readings and other events. I’ll be sure to visit more often.

Next up I want to discover some of the really small shops in my area. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my Indie Bookshop Project.


Author: bettinathenomad

Nomad. International Relations geek. Reader. Feminist. Swimmer. Boulderer. Runner. Hiker. Not necessarily in that order.

10 thoughts on “The Call of the Kindle, part deux

  1. I don’t know if this will help in your case – if the rules are different when your kindle is registered to the US store – but I’ve been able to order kindle books from other country stores by changing my address. While I was in Macedonia there was something in the store not available on .com, so I changed my home address to my grandmother’s address in England, ordered the book, then switched back to my “real” address. (Where, of course, I hadn’t lived for over a year.)

    • That was my first thought… and then I read that apparently Amazon puts restrictions on how many times you can re-register your Kindle. How many times have you done it?

      • I’ve never re-registered it…I don’t think? It was just a matter of changing my shipping address. I’m starting to suspect that I have no idea what I’m talking about.

  2. I really don’t like the way local rights work with e-books :\ It’s the main reason why I’ve only been using my e-reader for books in the public domain or from NetGalley. Well, that and having no money to buy books with 😛 But I know I’ll want to in the future, and I hate that there are so many restrictions.

    • There’s a bunch of other things that I hate about rights with e-books, like never actually “owning” the book enough to do whatever you want with it (e.g. lending it to a friend).
      But as regards the availability, at least a lot of the classics are free, and that’s something.

  3. My kindle is registered in Germany as well and, yes, it’s restrictive. It’s rare that they don’t have something but it’s always a bit more expensive. On the other hand I found out that kindle Germany has more choice for Italian books. That’s something.

    • As I said, I’m very curious to see how well it works for me. Unfortunately I don’t read Italian… maybe I should give it a shot! Knowing Spanish, I should understand quite a lot 😉

  4. Are you happy with the cover? And how long did it take them to ship it to Germany?
    (By the way: Since Katharina Z. told me about your blog a few months ago, I keep telling her how much I enjoy your book reviews. You’re my favorite book blogger!)

    • Thank you for this compliment, Sonja *blushes* 🙂 !
      So, the cover… yes, I’m happy with it. It’s really well made, looks great, and it does its job. The only drawback I’ve discovered so far – but if I’d switched my brain on before ordering this could have been avoided – is the colour. As you can see from the picture there’s a lot of white, and I’m not sure how well it will age. When it gets dirty, which it will, I’m not quite sure yet how I’m going to wash it. The washing machine is kind of out because of the leather clasp. And I’m not sure how well hand washing will work. But as I said, you can avoid this by simply ordering a different colour.
      The other thing is, shipping took forever. If you read the comments on Etsy this seems to be a recurring problem with the company, and not just with shipments abroad. I didn’t really mind, but at some point I did start wondering whether it had been lost in the post.
      So all in all, I’m happy enough with the cover, but I wouldn’t call it the panacea of Kindle covers ;-).
      Because they’re my friends and generally lovely people, let me suggest you take a look at Jositajosi’s covers: Maybe you like them. I have two mobile phone sleeves and a laptop sleeves from them and they’re great. Good luck with your search!

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