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First Steps with the Kindle

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Last Wednesday, I excitedly picked up my Kindle from the post office, so I wanted to let y’all know how we’re getting along. Here it is:

Let’s take it step by step. It arrived nicely packed in a cardboard box that seems somehow ecological (greenwashing? Likely). It’s tiny, smaller than my hand, and I have very small hands. It’s also super light and thin. Great for the commute.

Because in many respects I’m really an old lady in disguise, it took me a while to withstand my scrolling impulse. I had several serious “It has a screen, therefore it has to scroll” moments. But no, on the Kindle you don’t scroll, you “turn the page” with the funky little arrow buttons it has on its sides – you can kind of see them in the picture on the left.

First thing I did was to download my first free e-book from the Project Gutenberg website: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I think Project Gutenberg and I will become great friends. Classics for free to download legally, what’s not to like?

I’ve been test driving it on each of my commutes this week. So what does it feel like to read on the Kindle? To me, it’s definitely not the same as reading a printed book. It has a screen, it doesn’t smell or feel like a book. I suppose you get used to it, but so far for me the fact that I’m reading from an electronic device gives the reading process quite a “utilitarian” feel and takes away some of its magic.

It’s definitely very practical and I’m enjoying the e-ink screen, which is much nicer to read from than a back-lit screen. Let’s see if the Kindle and I will get used to each other.


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