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Group Read Kick-Off: The Color Purple, by Alice Walker


As I announced a while back, I’ll be hosting a group read on Alice Walker’s The Color Purple throughout May. Well to be honest, my hosting part of it is pretty limited – to this intro post and a roundup post at the end of May. The real glory is for all the amazing people who are participating! Here they are, in no particular order:

Bring it on! What an impressive list!
Please do let me know if I’ve forgotten anyone (sorry!) or if you still want to join.

The rules are really simple: read The Color Purple during May, post your thoughts on it at the end of May, and be included in my roundup post scheduled for May 31st. That’s it!

I’ll hopefully also be announcing some other The Color Purple-related shenanigans as May proceeds, so stay tuned.
I look forward to reading all your thoughts and discussions!


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21 thoughts on “Group Read Kick-Off: The Color Purple, by Alice Walker

  1. You have a wonderful list of participants! What a great discussion you all will have. I’ve read this many years ago, and feel no desire to read it again, but it will be fun to see the posts

  2. This is one of those books I’m so familiar with, because of the movie and because it is so famous, that for a long time it never even ocurred to me that I have actually not read it.
    I’m really curious to see how it will be to actually read it and to read the posts of other participants and to discuss it.

    • You know, I’ve never seen the movie. I’m thinking of doing a “watch along” at some point in May as a sort of side-kick to the group read. It might be fun.

    • I think I’ll probably watch the film as well after I read it! I’ve never seen the film but I’m in a book group about books into films and it’s made me really conscious of adaptations.

      • I often review books and movies together when I can. It’s quite interesting to compare. I remember music s very importnat in te movie Color Purple so it will rally be interesting to see how that comes across in a book or whether it has bee purely added for the film.

    • That is one of the things I enjoy about films. I can never get around to reviewing a movie with a book because I get distracted by other books and then all of a sudden the movie’s out of my mind. That’s one reason I joined the book group – and am hoping to do it with this novel!

  3. Thanks for hosting! I’m very excited and am hoping to get to it relatively soon and not have to scramble at the end of the month!

    • Well – I finished reading it this weekend. It was a faster read than I expected. I’ll have my post up early next week. Overall I enjoyed the novel and was a bit awestruck/disturbed at how powerful parts of it were.

      • You’re quick! Looking forward to your post. Just on behalf of those who haven’t read it before: will there be spoilers?

      • In general I try to avoid posting any spoilers. And if I do I try to make it really known that there are spoilers following.

  4. I will probabaly post on 31 as well. I don’t think I can make it earlier as my own readalong is due on May 28.

  5. Fab – glad to see some of you will be watching the film too. I think I might just include some remarks on the film in relation to the book in my wrap-up post, or if I find out that I want to say a lot more after watching it, I might do a separate post.

  6. I just started reading. I must be the only one who knows nothing going into this book. I haven’t seen the movie either. On page 32, I think it might be a difficult book to write about though.

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