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Back to Business and Meeting Antxon (the Idiazábal Project)


Today was my first day back at work after 10 glorious days of holidays. Let’s say, today was a tough day. But there were some highlights. What got me through and actually put me in a good mood was this:

… and this:

This morning it was (almost) sunny and finally warm enough to bike to work in a wool coat rather than a double-layered wind and water resistant jacket that would keep you just cozy on a polar expedition. Also, my Mother in law gave us tons of Spanish ham and a whole Idiazábal cheese to take home, which I named Antxon (it needed a Basque name). Since Mr Liburuak is not huge on cheese, Antxon is living with me now. Today, I took some of the ham and a hunk of Antxon into the office to spread the love among my colleagues.

I’d like to take a moment to talk about Idiazábal cheese. It’s quite something else: a cheese made from sheep’s milk in the Basque Country (widely conceived, i.e. including Navarre). The first time I was given a piece of Idiazábal, it was the very aged kind and eating it was basically like taking a shot of whiskey in cheese form. I kept it in the fridge wrapped in tinfoil and two plastic bags. You could only eat two bites at a time, yet it was delicious. Antxon is of the younger variety and much softer in taste. You can eat a lot more of it and it’s also softer in texture. But still delicious. If you ever get the chance to taste some Idiazábal, don’t miss it! You do need to like cheese though, otherwise I don’t think you’ll enjoy the experience.

I will be exploring with Antxon over the next weeks, so you will see more of him in different formats as we go along. I’m creating an “Idiazábal” page under the “Projects” tab where you will be able to find the outcome of my explorations.


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3 thoughts on “Back to Business and Meeting Antxon (the Idiazábal Project)

  1. Idiazábal is one of my favorite cheeses!

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