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Made-up Bike Commutes

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Recently, Dottie of Let’s Go Ride a Bike (LGRAB), one of my inspirations for setting up this blog, spent a day sick at home. She spent it watching beauty videos on YouTube and wrote about it in a post. This prompted John of Checkerboard City to write a post about commuting women cyclists and their makeup. The question was: are women who bike for transport less likely to spend a lot of time on their everyday makeup routine? A great question! In turn, Dottie wondered how her readers deal with makeup and biking into the office. At first, I was just going to post a comment, but then I decided to do my own post and talk a bit about my daily face painting routine.

I do wear makeup almost every day, except on the weekends when I usually throw on some eyebrow gel and mascara and call it a day – if I’m planning to leave the hose. To be honest though, I’m blessed with quite good skin – no major outbreaks, few wrinkles –  so I like my makeup light and don’t put on too much. Here’s what goes on my face on any given workday:


Just go from left to right, top to bottom, and you have it in the right order. It takes me just over 5 minutes to do, though I haven’t timed myself and don’t know exactly. My bike commute is relatively short (about 3k), so I don’t usually get too sweaty. In the summer, I’ll sometimes leave out the tinted moisturizer, because it’ll feel to heavy in the heat – not that it ever gets really hot in around here (there may be a positive side to our lack of real summers after all). I really don’t mind biking with makeup and don’t think I’d ever transfer my makeup routine to the office, unless the commute was really long and prone to messing up my “handiwork”. Once I get in, I do a quick check in the bathroom to see if everything is still in place and keep a tissue handy for blotting purposes.

As for other female bike commuters – my feeling is that biking generally doesn’t deter women in Germany from wearing makeup. Although I don’t think a person who wears loads and loads of makeup would be the kind of person to bike to work on a regular basis, but that might just be my prejudice. I read somewhere years ago that German women prefer more natural-looking makeup in general, so maybe they just wear less makeup overall – I’ve no idea.

Do you bike to work with makeup or do you prefer to put your face on after you reach the office? Any makeup tips for people who are starting to commute by bike? (Please also join the conversation at LGRAB and Checkerboard City!)


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