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Summer Bike Ride: Heidelberg to Ladenburg


My week of holidays is proving to be excellent in terms of the weather. Summer is really playing along this year! The benefit of my current work situation is that I get to divide my time between two completely different but wonderful cities. Hamburg is big, metropolitan, and nordic, and Heidelberg is small, cute, and southern. Heidelberg also has beautiful surroundings that are really easy to reach by bike. On Tuesday, Mr Liburuak and I made use of this and went to Ladenburg, a small town a good 10km away, for dinner.

I keep an old bike that I initially bought for commuting between the train station and the office during my PhD. It cost 75 Euros, used to sleep outside at the station every night and is still indestructible. Here are our rides, guess why I call my trusty old street bike Froggy:

The bike route to Ladenburg runs along the river Neckar and is absolutely beautiful. We stopped for a beer along the way at a lovely beer garden right by the river. Once you get to Ladenburg, you’re rewarded with a typical Southern German small-town atmospere. It’s very picturesque:

As I said, we went there with a purpose: dinner. Ladenburg is a bit of a culinary hot spot and there are lots of great restaurants around. We ate at a small Italian restaurant called Da Vinci right on the main square. The restaurant is very proud to have served the King and Queen of Sweden once. Our food maybe wasn’t quite regal, but still very tasty, especially Mr Liburuak’s grilled fish:

Afterwards, we set off on our ride home, only to discover that the route is even more stunning at sunset.

It was a great outing. It reminded me how lucky we are to be living in this beautiful area, and how much fun it is to explore it by bike!

Happy riding!


Author: bettinathenomad

Nomad. International Relations geek. Reader. Feminist. Swimmer. Boulderer. Runner. Hiker. Not necessarily in that order.

2 thoughts on “Summer Bike Ride: Heidelberg to Ladenburg

  1. It is nice to know that you took a long bike ride for dinner. Looks like it was worth it 🙂 The evening scenes look very beautiful. I didn’t know that Heidelberg is a small city. It must be wonderful to work and live there. The food looks quite delicious and inviting. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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