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Critical Mass Hamburg

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Last Friday, I went to the Critical Mass Ride in Hamburg for the first time. Critical Mass is a mass bike ride that takes place in many cities around the world. Even though Critical Mass doesn’t want to be seen as a “demonstration”, it has a goal: showing that cyclists don’t block traffic, we are traffic.

And so cyclists get together and take over the streets for a few hours, showing that we’re here.

I’d been wanting to go for ages, but since the Critical Mass ride takes place only once a month – every last Friday of the month – and I’m often on a train at precisely that time, this Friday was the first time I could make it. The weather behaved, it was warm, it was great.  If you haven’t tried it, riding a bike with over 1000 other cyclists and having the whole street to yourself is really something to give you the warm fuzzies. People brought music, some had decorated their bikes, some had dressed up. The crowd was mixed: from families to hipsters to the elderly, and in the midst of it all, yours truly still in her office outfit.

Here’s a video of my favourite part: riding through the Wallring tunnel just in front of the central station.

And here are some pictures.

Getting ready at the meeting point

We get going…

… going …

… through the tunnel …

… through the night

For more pictures and info on the Critical Mass ride in Hamburg, go here.


Author: bettinathenomad

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One thought on “Critical Mass Hamburg

  1. Critical Mass looks like a wonderful event, Bettina! I love the theme – “Cyclists don’t block traffic, we are traffic” 🙂 Glad to know that you had a wonderful time. The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

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