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Óscar Pantoja, Miguel Bustos, Felipe Camargo, Tatiana Córdoba, and Julián Naranjo: Gabo: Memorias de una vida mágica (2013)


As I was typing up my post of books read but never reviewed in 2013, I realised that there was one I actually did want to write about in a bit more detail: a graphic novel about the life of Gabriel García Márquez entitled Gabo: Memorias de una vida mágica. The premise of this book is brilliant – five artists get together and illustrate the life of a great writer by taking a chapter each.

Each of the sections is dominated by a different colour, and the artwork was mostly beautiful, although I enjoyed it more in some sections than others. The edition is absolutely stunning, great quality paper and a lovely format. For these reasons alone, I hope that it gets translated into English and edited the same careful way. I love that there are publishers out there that make this kind of books, especially in Spain in the current economic climate – well done, Sins Entido! Here are some shots of the pages I took while I was reading:

I think we can agree these are absolutely stunning. Sadly, what suffers slightly as a result of the graphic awesomeness and perhaps also the artistic collaboration between no less than five people is the content. If you’re a bit more than just vaguely familiar with Gabo’s life and work, you won’t get anything new out of it. It focuses on the process of writing One Hundred Years of Solitude, García Márquez’s love story and marriage to his wife Mercedes, his time in Paris, and his Nobel Prize. There’s also no room for any critical analysis of his work here; this is a clearly a homage to a literary icon. This, I think, is one for (a) fans, (b) graphic novel aficionados, or (c) learners of the Spanish language. I liked it for the innovative idea and the beautiful edition.


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9 thoughts on “Óscar Pantoja, Miguel Bustos, Felipe Camargo, Tatiana Córdoba, and Julián Naranjo: Gabo: Memorias de una vida mágica (2013)

  1. this is on my to-check out list! 🙂 also, my mom just finished reading ‘this is how you lose her’ in spanish from her library branch (the apple does not fall from the tree) 🙂 junot has a new fan!

  2. I saw this on Instagram and was super curious. I might have to see if I can find a copy in Boston as the comic book format might help with my long absence from Spanish reading and the shorter sentences.

  3. Thanks for reviewing this book, Bettina. It looks very beautiful and I think it is a must read for Gabo fans. I hope it gets translated into English. If it doesn’t I think I will get the Spanish version. Love the pictures of the book that you have posted. As you have said the artwork is stunning.

  4. I was thinking for those of you outside Spain/Europe to get this, you might be able to order it directly from the publisher (haven’t tried it, but they do seem to have an on-line shop):
    That said, I don’t know how much the shipping would cost.

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