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Product Review: Bern Muse Bike Helmet

I bought the Bern Muse helmet because it’s getting cold out.* The previous years, once the temperature dropped below a certain level, I stopped wearing a helmet and switched to a wooly hat instead to prevent my ears from freezing off on my commute. The helmet I wear during the non-freezing seasons is a Giro Skyla, so I suppose in theory you could fit a hat under it if the hat was very snug – and this is where we run into problems: hat hair! I can’t shower once I get into work so the hair I arrive with is the hair I have to carry on around all day.

This year, having discovered the existence of winter helmets, I decided to give it a shot. Bern defines this one as a snow helmet rather than a bike helmet, but I’m not entirely sure where the differences lie (maybe due to the fact that I neither ski nor snowboard), and it was marketed to me as a “BMX” helmet – and it’s been doing the trick for me. The reason I didn’t buy the Berkeley – my second option – was that (a) it was more expensive and Muse helmets aren’t exactly cheap to start with, and (b) I wasn’t entirely convinced by the Berkeley’s fabric visor. It seemed to me that this add-on that might get dirty quite quickly and then it won’t look as dashing anymore.

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